Since 1974, Sohovos uses the latest technology in the supply of eggs and derivatives.


To bring more convenience for the day-to-day of those who work with eggs. Since 1974, that has been the objective of Sohovos, a pioneer in egg processing and supply, pasteurized liquid egg yolks and whites for everyone.

Located in the city of Sorocaba, with access to the main state highways and less than 400 km away from suppliers, it has a production capacity of more than two million eggs per day, making over 20 different items. Always investing in infrastructure and technology, making sure to be providing the safety of the food and the solution to problems of transportation, storage and leftovers.

Today, Sohovos offers a diverse product line that includes the powder options: whole eggs, dehydrated yolks and whites and also the modern pasteurized liquid eggs, yolks and whites. In addition to other formulations that provide specific solutions for each client.

Since 2005, Sohovos has been a part of Associated British Foods - ABF, one of the largest food industries in the world. It owns the Fleischmann and Mauri brands and is present in over 46 countries, reaffirming our commitment to always offer the best.


To meet the different demands of the market, Sohovos relies on a wide variety of products.

A line that includes modern eggs, pasteurized liquid yolks and whites, which allows the standardization of recipes and ensures greater safety against pathogenic microorganisms, such as Salmonella. The traditional powder options: whole eggs, dehydrated yolks and whites, which can be transported and stored at room temperature and, in addition, facilitate the mixing with other dry ingredients, such as flour and sugar. Besides other formulations that provide specific solutions and help eliminate steps in the clients’ production lines.

Whole eggs

  • Refrigerated or frozen pasteurized whole eggs
  • Dried whole eggs
  • Refrigerated sugar free dried whole eggs
  • Refrigerated dried whole eggs

Egg yolks

  • Refrigerated or frozen pasteurized egg yolks
  • Frozen pasteurized egg yolks with sugar
  • Frozen pasteurized salted egg yolks
  • Dried egg yolks
  • Refrigerated dried egg yolks

Egg whites

  • Refrigerated or frozen pasteurized egg whites
  • Dried acidified egg whites
  • Refrigerated sugar free dried egg whites
  • Standard dried egg whites


  • Convenience of storage and use;
  • Ready to use: it is already separated into yolks, whites and whole eggs;
  • Standardized end products;
  • Tailor-made system that allows the development of special models for each need.
Dehydrated Products
  • Does not require refrigeration for storage and transportation;
  • Greater easiness of transportation, purchase and production schedule;
  • Little space for storage (1 20-kg bag against a space for 4.5 boxes of 30 dozen eggs in each).


  • Pasteurized product free of potential pathogens (Salmonella);
  • Eliminates the shell, reduces the presence of flies and unpleasant odors in the environment;
  • Provision of analysis report, ensuring product quality;
  • Reduction of contamination risk through handling.
Dehydrated Products
  • Longer shelf life;
  • Increased term of use, even if the packaging has been opened


  • Reduces costs with labor (breaking / separation);
  • Eliminates area required to break eggs;
  • Reduces losses (broken eggs, cracked eggs and egg whites retained in the shell);
  • Allows the use of the correct amount, avoiding waste.
Dehydrated Products
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature;
  • Savings in transportation and energy in storage;
  • Eliminates the need for facilities with pipelines, tanks and pumps.


From raw material to delivery, quality assurance and the best product.

Raw material

Sohovos only works with fresh raw materials supplied by selected farms. The modern processing and breaking lines have a capacity of 3,000 tons of liquid eggs per month and can perfectly separate the yolks from the egg whites. Complete documentation is done using standardized methods, from the farm to the departure of the products for consumption.

Good Practice

All the stages are realized in accordance with the manuals for Best Manufacturing Processes, SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and IPM (Integrated Pest Management), among others.


All this care and attention means that Sohovos was elected the Egg Products Company of the Year in 2006 by the International Egg Commission - IEC, an organization which represents all of the egg industries on the planet.


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